LED street lamp purchasing easy to fall into the trap

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
LED street light, hot also with price lower profits, also caused many street lamp manufacturers of competition started to cut corners empty mark product parameters, light wattage, even the light pole material in question. , of course, this also is the need customers repeatedly than price, low price, is also related to the practice of a few manufacturer. LED lamps and lanterns is the most core chip, directly determine the performance of lamps and lanterns! However, some adverse LED street lamp manufacturers use customer unprofessional, from the cost of the above consideration, using low price chip, make customer buy the low quality of the product with high price caused direct economic losses, and causing serious quality hidden trouble of LED lamps and lanterns. , in terms of heat dissipation design. Used by LED street lamp brightness demand is high, environment is harsh, if the cooling solution is not good, can quickly lead to LED aging, reduced stability. Other unreasonable configuration often leads to specific usage are not up to expectations. LED street lamp lighting time is long, and installed outdoors, caused sharp, so the quality requirements of lamps and lanterns must pass. Otherwise, the damage of lamps and lanterns, can pose a threat to road safety. Therefore, enterprise, institution or any engineering company will need to be careful to distinguish when purchasing lamps, avoid falling into purchasing a trap. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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