LED street lamp manufacturers talk about the advantages and disadvantages of LED street lamp lamps-A
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LED street lamp manufacturers talk about the advantages and disadvantages of LED street lamp lamps

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

With the rapid development of the country's economy and the expansion of cities, one road after another has been completed, and the demand for street lights is also increasing. With the continuous maturity of LED technology, traditional high-pressure sodium street lamps have been laid off one after another, and LED street lamps have become the first choice for road lighting. Nowadays, the penetration rate of LED street lights is increasing year by year, and I believe it will stand on every road in a few years. So everyone must be curious why LED street lights are so popular and what advantages does it have? Is there no shortcoming? Today, LED street lamp manufacturers will take everyone to briefly understand its advantages and disadvantages.

We all know that the difference between LED street lights and traditional street lights lies in the difference in street lamp heads. Traditional street lights use high-pressure sodium lamp heads, while LED street lights use LED street lights.

The advantages of LED street lamps:
.High light efficiency. The LED street light fixture adopts the design form of secondary optics, and the light energy emitted is concentrated into the designated area.
.Light decay is small. The luminous decay of LED is very small, and the average annual luminous decay is less than 100%. Even after the year, it will have a high use value.
.Long service life. It can be used for more than 10,000 hours.
.Energy saving and environmental protection. The same lighting effect requires less than one-third of the high-pressure sodium lamp.

Disadvantages of LED street lights:
.Although LED street lamps have low luminous decay, it is relative to high-power LED street lamps, and low-power LED street lamps have high luminous decay.
.The light color emitted by the LED street lamp is generally white. Due to the defects of the manufacturing process and the error of the lens matching, a yellow aperture will be produced, which will affect the overall lighting effect.

In short, no matter how good things are, there are shortcomings, and the advantages of LED street lights are far greater than its shortcomings, and many aspects are far more than traditional high-pressure sodium lights, so it is very popular with people, and its penetration rate is also increasing rapidly. .

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