LED street lamp manufacturers long-term development to understand the marketing direction dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar LED street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
LED street lamp manufacturers to develop and not because of who is popular with young, follow the wind walk to success. It must be admitted that follow and imitate the successful products are solar street lamps manufacturer can choose, but if the new product development as the LED street lamp of the usual mechanism is not desirable. We will remember LED street lamp manufacturers to develop, even if is to follow up, also want to differentiation, to innovate. There are LED lights manufacturer not production oriented, production to marketing after the LED street lamp product decisions with & other; Production oriented & throughout; , that will eventually let the LED street lamp manufacturers marketing is marketing become redundant. Because this is in accordance with the subjective truth instead of market and consumer demand, is marketing, rather than market-oriented thinking. Therefore, facing the manufacturing oriented LED street lamp manufacturers, marketing consultant can mobilize the resources and the method is very limited and did not achieve good sales performance, also not conducive to the advancement of sun yat-sen LED street lamp manufacturers. In general, the LED street lamp manufacturers have to do is to product innovation, and to know the truth and consumer demand.
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