LED street lamp lighting function and thermal effect of dynamic | | industry lighting: solar LED street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
With the developed of science and technology, the LED street lamp with its high efficiency, energy saving and other traditional street lamp products have the advantages of quick to win the majority of people love and favor, for the photosynthetic efficiency function, heat dissipation problems of the application of it, because of its mature technology, many aspects have done a very good job, now analyse on the two issues. LED lights use through light microscope is a anti glare, light transmittance & gt; 93%, lighting area is bigger, can cut down the road dark space, for energy saving of LED street lamp luminous viewpoint is in 130 & deg; / 140° , the projection area is wide, light pollution is small, even in the rain fog climate environment, also can make the light on the ground can be bright effect. For heat dissipation problem of LED street light, we can use the lamp shell uniform cooling, upper and lower fins LED chips to choose pury well-known brands. Shell features using high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy die casting; Mesh grille shell, is more advantageous to air convection heat dissipation, reduce droop, lamps and lanterns use marching become old, yea, heat dissipation can be controlled very well, outdoor LED lights even work 30000 hours, light failure is still small.
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