LED street lamp light wattage is not the bigger the better

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
LED street lamp lighting wattage is not the bigger the better, right. Now LED solar street light system virtual target phenomenon is more serious, some manufacturers 6 meters 50 w solar street light, brightness is not very good. Affected by its customers customized LED street lamp, power demand is higher and higher, actually this is totally unnecessary. Because the LED street lamp manufacturer are basically done sufficient power, even if the manufacturer of LED street light lamp head chip is not too good, 6 meters 50 watts of the LED street lamp brightness is enough. If too much power, also is a waste. Secondly according to the using environment is different, can be appropriate to increase or reduce the power LED street light. Such as vehicles or pedestrians more places, to increase the use of LED street lamp power appropriately, such ability with enough brightness to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Therefore, the LED street lamp light wattage is not the bigger the better, but according to the actual use requirements to choose the appropriate light wattage, not blind to choose. Wattage LED street light source is the key of night lighting, but also should not just blindly choose wattage, and ignores the actual use requirements. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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