LED street lamp industry as a whole presents the status of the 'high inadequate low not'

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
LED street lamp industry since the rise in energy saving, high efficiency, long life and so on a series of enveloped halo, the development of the industry has always been high hopes, but the LED street lamp industry in China started relatively late, long & other; Zero bar & throughout; Access principle, make itself have & other; Industry disorderly, miscellaneous, enterprise products & other Characteristics of the industry as a whole show & other; High inadequate low not & throughout; The situation. And the domestic LED street lamp industry started relatively late, since the industry rise, has been the government support is given priority to, complementary, independent development indirectly contributed to the LED street lamp manufacturer, the dependence of slow the pace of the non-governmental market development. With the coming of the industry reshuffle period, many companies struggling in the operation process, the government of this highway can be good, but get government-funded bar high, less is reality conform to the requirements of the enterprise. LED street light as an emerging industry, some now engaged in the business of the LED street lamp manufacturer also is not very understanding, but of seasoning for such a long time and again in the future compared to new or transformation of the enterprise to have stronger competitiveness. Now LED street lamp industry more dependent on that market, provided by the government for government subsidies, some enterprises can get out, but the rich have to do your own efforts. So to seek a better market, develop a bigger development space is each enterprise must be thinking of problem. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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