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LED stocks rose sharply in the market

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-08
The era of LED lighting is coming, and the LED chips of FlipChip are beginning to enter the market of backlight and lighting. The new technology drives the market demand, which makes the LED factory optimistic about the industry and company performance this year. It is estimated that there is no off season for the LED industry this year, under the blessing of the market, today's LED stocks rose sharply, and among them, the low-priced LED stocks performed well. Guanglei, adisen, Huaxing and Guangding all attacked the daily limit. Incandescent bulbs have been banned one after another, and the price of LED lighting products has dropped, which has triggered market demand. In addition, LED chips of FlipChip have begun to enter the backlight and lighting market, let the Taiwan LED factory get out of the mud of the mainland LED factory price competition, and this year's performance returns to the growth track. With the recovery of the LED industry, LED stocks have been buying since last December, and the stock price has risen sharply. Although the Taiwan stock market opened in February 5, it was pulled back by the stock market, but it rose again today, guanglei, AI Disen, Huaxing and Guangding all attacked the daily limit board. The crystal disk also attacked the NT $70 level, and the LED group's stock price performed well.
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