Led solar street lights can achieve on-demand lighting

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Traditional street lamps consuming and not easy to manage, resulting in energy waste. It is hard to find a street lamp. When in an emergency or unusual weather, can't adjust light switch time according to actual situation. And led solar street light is different, it can automatically adjust according to the preset lighting plan light switch and light, so as to realize the on-demand lighting, and maximize the energy savings. Solar street light but is divided into many kinds of models, such as street lighting environment of the road, the road width, and frequency of the vehicle by factors such as the need to be taken into consideration, the only way, to make sure the solar led street light in use process, to better play its use effect. In order to ensure the practicability of led solar street lamps, we in the procurement, it is necessary to understand consumer environment, if the condition mainly cloudy weather, the solar street light that excellent capacity for solar radiation absorption will appear a little chicken ribs. If meet the continuous wet weather, easy to use need to consider whether or not the support time solar street lamps will have a negative impact on street lighting.
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