Led solar street light to distinguish good and bad products from the technical level

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
Led solar street light is now nothing high-tech products, technology is mature, a solar panel, a battery and a controller and a lamp holder formed a whole set of solar street light system. Principles are the same, to distinguish good or bad only from the product technology level. Original the same power of solar panels solar street lamps need a larger area, and the new solar panels are use monocrystalline silicon board, under the highly integrated area is relatively smaller. Batteries are used in traditional gel battery, before the installation need to dig the pit embedded, the battery discharge depth is low, and especially easy to bad, installation costs are high, and now the solar led street lights are used in batteries, lithium iron phosphate is not only small volume, capacity is big, depth of discharge can also achieve hundred, directly integrated in the inside the lamp holder, eliminating the installation process. For lamp holder is a piece of do better philips, imported from Japan, the day of and the division of the United States, these is currently the industry recognized quality, use and stable. Although led solar street light at present technology is mature, but at the time of purchase or need, is the strength of the company, the second is the product of the technical parameters, and after sales service promise, these are not the general manufacturers will be provided.
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