Led solar street light to develop personalized custom services project

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Now a lot of the product is not fall behind in the period of the wave, such as excellent lighting lamps and lanterns is now solar power energy, so people development trend of led solar street lamps, and also can carry out customized services of led solar street lamps, let the customer feel at that time reflect the personalized fashion. For solar street lamps, basically every customer with custom, due to the applied to all parts of the country is a national, and even the whole world, is not the same region, of course, is not the same as the standard of decision-making of solar led street lamp is equipped with all differ, that means each detailed accessories main parameters are all custom-made, street lamp ratio and its specification, lamp wattage, length, number of floor tile of solar battery, battery Ann control panel of the well-known brand, and then the main parameters are different parts to do a component, to carry out the corresponding detection, can guarantee the safety of application later into the terminal customer hand. To put it bluntly led solar street light meaning to say about the composition of different parts and its famous brand, this decision every manufacturers take out product is unlikely to be the same, plus some patent products out of the mould application will look more different, if skills will be a very good brand marketing.
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