Led solar street light should be how to change the new parts?

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Although the advantages of led solar street lamps use very much, but any products use a long time, will be some parts might be a problem or damaged. The led solar street lamp parts damaged condition, we should be how to change the new parts? Solar street lamps to replace new parts to life form a complete set of design with the original system, to minimize the number of maintenance, thus reduce the maintenance cost, especially the led solar street lamps light source, the vast majority of led solar street light is a battery failure. Solar led street lamp replacement parts must and the original system, which includes two aspects of the quality of the content is a first article form a complete set, and form a complete set of technical parameters, including lithium battery capacity of form a complete set, form a complete set of solar street lamps controller, etc. , don't blind yourself for replacement, so as not to cause more damage. Lighting lamps led solar street lamps factory is also strongly support the national environmental policy, in the aspect of environmental protection has been actively response to the call of the country. Have been doing the corresponding & other; Business & throughout; 。 Has been engaged in the integration of the urban construction and landscape greening engineering projects, such as energy conservation and environmental protection of solar led street lamps production project.
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