Led solar street light road width and the corresponding relationship between lamps and lanterns to decorate

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
Led solar street light is suitable for secondary and secondary roads, due to the main road lighting requirements is very high, so should not be used for the led solar street light. The width of the street lamp, street lamp installation height, and is closely related to the layout of the lamp and the width of the road. According to the actual solar lighting lighting effect, understand the road width and the corresponding relation between the lamps and lanterns. Simplify the road width and the relationship between the arrangement of lamps and lanterns. For road width less than or equal to 12 meters, simplified is & other; When the road surface with wider throughout the height of the street lamp &; 3 -, and space is street lamp height 4 times. Daily lighting time & ndash; — Is proportional to the cost, it is to point to solar street lamps lighting the number of hours per night. Solar led street lamp adopts fully automatic intelligent controller. When night came, the controller will detect the surface brightness, and the brightness down to open the light automatically when a particular value. From the moment to open the light, the light will be automatically closed after 6 hours. Solar led street lamp lighting time can be arbitrarily set, from 1 hour to spend the night ( Out of the darkness to dawn) For economic reasons, the user can according to the actual needs. Selection of lighting time in a day. Try to control the cost to find the right wholesale channels, then to capital controls in certain range.
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