Led solar street light price cannot be only consider product standard

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
“ A price points a points goods & throughout; Has long been regarded as the truth, that's right, good performance of led solar street light price is expensive, and the price is sure to buy a better product, but the choice when buying led solar street lamps mainly see configuration need, the price can't be considered the only standard products, you have to consider more compatible or not. Solar street lamps using solar panels, monocrystalline silicon conversion rate is high, the stability of their performance parameters, more suitable for rainy days and sunshine is relatively not very plenty of southern region is used; Polycrystalline silicon panels conversion rate lower, used in some sunshine, sunshine is good more than eastern and western regions. Light conditions, therefore, the superior place if road lights to use solar energy, there is no need to configure monocrystalline silicon panels, so to a certain extent, reduce the cost of lighting. So matching led solar street light price to scientific decision, if blindly blindly think your is the best, otherwise will spend more money, especially some larger projects, because a purchase of led solar street light is large. Suitable is the best, choose the appropriate panels, not only can guarantee the project quality, also can save the budget. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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