Led solar street light 'lights' integration development

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
With the development of the fierce competition in the market and technology, the led solar street light old capital, also in rapid decline. People began to reassemble the street lamp system, & other; Integrated light & throughout; Arises at the historic moment. Integrated light refers to the power board, battery, controller and the light source on the lamp holder. To be honest, this design not only accept integration design, and also to have certain progress in intelligent control. However, this design deliberately and might reluctantly greatly reduces the solar street light system configuration, which significantly reduce the cost of production and protection old books. Although in line with market demand, but industry bosses know, if the power plate embedded in limited lamp holder at the top, solar power can't satisfy the demand of lamps and lanterns, also cannot assure long-term stability of lamps and lanterns lighting, not as the main products of enterprises and market. From the government level, the integration of led solar street light industry is new energy to protect the environment, have the support of national policy. From the Angle of market, the led solar street light has significant economic benefit and broad market prospects. It is estimated that China to 2025 solar street lamps, industrial market will reach 69. 8. 5 billion yuan.
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