LED solar street light light pole is very important to install dynamic | | industry lighting: solar LED street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Part of the LED solar street lamps by solar panels, solar controller, storage battery, light source, solar lamps and lanterns and light pole and other parts. Which LED solar lamp posts, which cannot be neglected is the importance of the following about the light pole where we said, what need to be aware of. In the use of LED solar street light, must abide by the principle of light pole equipment related. Monitor production of poling is using high quality steel plate processing, in order to ensure the safety of the solar energy light pole must be solid, and to be very good ability to resist wind. If not installed monitor poling, when it rains and typhoon, lamps and lanterns may be unable to bear a strong wind hit and uprooted, so will not only have a might still take road, can let more greatly affected the urban traffic. LED solar street light light pole is now a common road safety measures, where there is LED solar street lights will have it, at the same time, the appearance of the light pole is also very important, not only improve the city's appearance, can improve the impact on the safety of the city. And LED solar street lamps factory accessories production standard is very strict, for the use of LED solar street light fittings, also should have requirements and specifications, otherwise it will easily lead to street lamp accessories lose proper role. LED solar street light light pole strict implementation is to regulate the traffic, so when we install, must pay attention to perfect the details, as far as possible avoid negligence LED to the cause of the accident. If found malfunctioned, pretty tired of fittings should be timely maintenance, so as to avoid accidents to protect everyone's travel safety. The above provided by lighting.
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