Led solar street light gradually realized the use of 'integrated solar street light

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
Now led solar street light in terms of height, the density of brightness and configuration has done very well here, also has been widely used, but age in progress, also in the progress of science and technology, the led in the future will further improve the use of solar street lamps, led solar street light now also gradually achieve & other; Integrated solar street light & throughout; The use of. Integration of street lamp, in addition to lighting, there are a variety of additional features, such as monitoring, for electric vehicle charging, query the road on the screen, etc. With the arrival of the integration of urban street lamp, solar street light is gradually entering & other; The integration of urban & throughout; Of the system. Especially, in the Internet of things, use and management of resources integration, and solar led street light is also involved. “ Data acquisition and monitoring, are made of led solar street light more integration & throughout; 。 In the near future, rural led solar street light can be like city with led solar street lamps, achieving global group control, all the lights model, fully automatic detection, power regulation throughout the year, all the battery protection, the entire security early warning, the development of a fully functional, whole microwave induction, such as design integration of craftsmen, with all my heart.
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