Led solar street light design should consider the use of different environmental weather condition

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-22
Because of led solar street light is buried in different areas, but the weather in each place is different, although said that while installing solar panels can be a good way to energy conservation, but for living in cold areas, snow can cause big problems, so the led solar street lamp design also want to consider in different environmental condition of use under the weather. In order to make the solar street light can be widely used in every region, even in the cold can also be of use, you will need to timely in addition to the snow, when in addition to the snow can use a tennis ball. Use vibrations in bounce tennis in the tilt of the panels to make snow slide would be a good way. Of course, can also use other tools, so it will make the generating system of solar led street light effect is good. And can be large Angle to install solar panels, so can reduce the accumulation of snow speed, the trouble of removing snow from time to time. Or solar led street lamp installation time away from the place to keep a little distance, snow will not slip in the accumulation at the bottom, so slowly accumulate to cover the entire battery components.
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