Led solar street light charging long details

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
A lot of people don't know how long is the charging is led solar street light? Or, led solar street light after filling the electricity how long can work normally. In fact generally clear, under the ideal light intensity, full power only 4 hours, every time after charging, can ensure per charge more than 5 days, and can in normal operation for 3 consecutive days of rain. According to different requirements, able to plan for solar street lamps light control and time control. It not only can control the battery charging and discharging time, but also can control the discharge of the battery power. In addition, due to the toward the different equipment, solar led street lamp can be useful for lighting will be considerable influence. Technical staff can also according to the actual circumstances of the use place everyday lighting planning of equipment. Although the differences of different manufacturers in led solar street lamps production price is not big, but the production technology of different lamp quality differences. So the choose and buy of led solar street light, best to manufacturer for field trips, seeing is believing, in this way can also maximum extent, ensure the quality of street lamp.
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