Led solar street light can reduce the cost of electromagnetic energy

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Led solar street lights is to use the nature of the light source, of course, can reduce the cost of electromagnetic energy. Led solar street lamps use intelligent control system to carry out the control of water circulating pump and can be based on 1 days of heaven, of course, chromaticity and everybody in the shade of the various natural environment must be to automatic adjust the shade of the lamp. At present most of the production technology of solar energy battery components can ensure the characteristics of 10 years or so, solar energy battery components can power generation 25 years or longer; The remote areas of the city zone of end, in order to maintenance or repair basic machine equipment such as power generation, transmission and distribution, road street lamp cost is very high. For solar street lights, only must do well the regularity of the regular inspection maintenance, solar road lights maintenance costs less than the basic power system software, also can save many cost. In these cases, the installation of led solar street lighting system can be implemented immediately, can avoid installing a new grid lighting system related trenching, wiring and other fees. In addition, in more than 25 years of service life period, there would be no electricity bills, can save costs in coming decades.
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