Led solar street lamps use case specification

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-22
Now save resources become concern throughout the world, so solar energy was invented brought great convenience to human life, and solar radiation is higher in China, because the solar energy is very rich. Most of led solar street light as long as after a full charge can light up eight or nine hours, so you can according to the reference to the quality of led solar street light. Previously used the traditional street lamp installation procedure is complicated, to lay circuit, etc. , and the cost of electricity is higher, and to use the larger wattage lamp lamp holder, not only let the dimly lit, more conducive to the light of the city. And the solar street light price is relatively cheap, energy conservation, environmental protection, the installation procedure is simple, don't need to be laid at the same time very complicated circuit of led solar street light in terms of lighting effect is very good, and in the process of using very energy efficient, it has been recognized by the current lighting system. However, although the street is technically very high-end products, but in the process of understanding of the product, there are still a lot of in the production of led solar street lamps factory, the content needs to be improved.
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