Led solar street lamps should pay attention to identify material

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
With the constantly updated development of led solar street light, the structure design more reasonable, appearance is more beautiful. The rationality of the design of the internal structure is especially important, because it will directly affect the source of heat, if heat dissipation is not good, will directly affect the use of light length, shorten the service life of the light source. Present solar street lamps are design process hexagonal honeycomb hole structure, is advantageous to the heat conduction outward diffusion of light source, lamp shell heat dissipation effect is better, top and bottom hole type heat dissipation structure, is conducive to the flow of hot and cold air, lamps and lanterns of the cooling effect is better, effectively prolong the service life of street lamps; Solar led street lamps and lanterns is due to different materials, weight also have very big difference, and the weight of the lamps and lanterns, has a big impact on its installation, light lamps and lanterns is more easy to move and install, but at the same time, to influence the service life of lamps and lanterns of the lamps and lanterns of overweight had a great influence on operation and maintenance. Therefore, consumers in the choose and buy of led solar street light, be sure to identify material, which adopt the die casting aluminum quality lamps and lanterns, relative to other material quality is light, anticorrosive dustproof water proofing property is good, easy to install and durable.
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