Led solar street lamps lighting quality is very important

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
For the led solar street lamps lighting quality is very important, after all, the price of led solar street light is not cheap, if there is a problem is also a lot of damage. May be in use, although can't see any problems, but for the material for a long time to check, there is no guarantee. Detecting internal parts of solar street lamps, solar led street light internal composition of the material including, battery, solar panels, light source, solar controller, some problems, such as, before the solar energy use, it is best to do a screening test, distinguish the performance problems! Electricity environment, the problem such as discharge rate, is to get a full of requirements can be, if the led solar street lamps placed on the outside, still want to know if we need to prepare well protected against dampness, for a long time, will cause short-circuit phenomenon, solar is not strong, lighting, security, so not safe hidden trouble, we are also to have certain thoughts, solar products matching function, should be detailed understanding can!
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