Led solar street lamps in actively promote new rural road lighting project

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-22
In recent years, with the speeding up of the country's new rural construction, great changes have taken place in many rural areas, in order to further promote the green lighting engineering, energy conservation and emission reduction work, protect rural local ecological environment, the local government in new rural road lighting engineering are actively promote the application of led solar street lamps of this new energy street light. Unlike ordinary street lamp, these installation in the country's rural led solar street light depend entirely on solar power independently, need not connected to the mains, no pollution, zero emissions, and do not need excavated laying cable and network access devices, solar street light overall construction cost is lower than the ordinary street lamp, electric, conform to the state of construction of new socialist countryside policy. Economic development is in progress, the villagers at night before only flashlight travel conditions has been thoroughly improved. Use of new energy led solar street lamp, street lamp lighting engineering, a concept of energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon environmental protection development the effective practice in the socialist new rural construction is to promote rural economic development and prosperity of real people's livelihood project.
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