Led solar street lamps have been able to meet the demand of large parts of lighting

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-22
Solar led street lamp used in the led light source, due to energy saving led light source, 30 w lights brightness have can achieve very good effect, many places will use the scheme of 30 wled light source to buy solar street light. From 30 w to 60 w solar street lamps is relatively conventional power, 60 w can meet the demand of large parts of lighting. Corresponding to the power, the configuration of the lithium-ion batteries size ranging from ah 30 to 60 ah, generally the capacity can support in rainy day 3 to 5 days. In theory, solar led street light in the absence of the sun does not normal use, but it is worth noting that with the continuous development of modern science and technology, people have realized the problem, and through the high-tech means, has been completely solved this problem. Installation of led solar street light requirements laid by the circuit is very simple, and only needs simple several lines will be ready to use. And the price is high is not high reality solar street lamps from its acquisition price, according to the preliminary comprehensive price. Popular street, always someone from time to time to examine, solar street lamp, it is not so, however, even if no one to test for a long time, it also can protect itself well, won't appear not bright environment.
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