Led solar street lamp, operation and shut down time

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
Led solar street lamp, operation and shut down time, is made up of led solar street light controller of the resolution. Controller Settings mostly in doors inside. Break up controller regulate acting eyelid and controller, the external eyelid buttons can manually type. Solar street lamps are fundamental, relative bento, application is more at the mercy of the way is electric. The controller without recuperation time, automatically destroy induction light intensity to control light lamp, after device without regulate time kill bright lights, according to the time of the day automatically, automatic light at night. The electric control now lithium battery solar street lamps application range is relatively common, related to several disposal method of other asset is low. If it is cloudy conditions, solar led street light can automatically light? This also look cloudy effect, under the common effect of cloudy, is not bright, as long as under the extreme will be bright, of course the cloudy conditions is also light. When the control is also led solar street light common control methods. That advance the reservation time, arrived at a certain time or bright lights lamp, it than optical trival a central means to regulate according to season out light time, avoid street lamp light not in time. Now a more advanced control controller can remote control changes in time.
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