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LED Red Sea battle mulinsen launches LED parity revolution

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-28
Products are in power. With the gradual spread of the LED lighting application market, LED enterprises are holding their fist products and continuously strengthening their competition for market resources. The scale competition and price fighting among LED enterprises have intensified. At present, there are more than 10 thousand LED manufacturers registered in mainland China alone, and there are more than 1800 new LED Indoor lighting enterprises in China in the first half of 2012 alone. In addition to thousands of LED small businesses and traditional lighting companies, international lighting manufacturers and LED display manufacturers are recruiting in the LED lighting field. LED lighting is already a Red Sea. In the next year, the LED lighting industry will usher in a fierce battle. Only a dozen of enterprises in the field of LED lighting upstream may survive. The Red Sea battle has already sounded the horn. In the Red Sea Battle, how to win? High cost performance is not only the primary condition for consumers to choose products, but also a magic weapon for LED enterprises to win. Do not do the price butcher, do the price definition, at present, from the perspective of consumers, LED lighting products big market obstacle lies in the price. Therefore, industry analysts believe that LED lighting wants to have a bigger market is to lower the price. For example, Galanz is a well-known price butcher in the household appliance industry. However, after it lowered the price of microwave ovens, it seemed that it did not die. Instead, it became an enterprise that sold microwave ovens well. In the process of expanding the market and conquering the land, the price war was once the killer of repeatedly Building a wonderful work. In the current domestic market, which products are not the price competition after the market fights? Sun Qinghuan, chairman of mulinsen Co. , Ltd. , said that in the TV industry, the price competition of major TV products such as TCL, Konka and Changhong is very fierce. In the competition of the same comparable type of products, the competition will turn to the price competition, and the price can become the advantage of the enterprise. However, like Apple's mobile phone, because the comparability between other brands of mobile phones and Apple's mobile phones is small, the competitive advantage in natural prices is not obvious. With a keen eye, mulinsen took the lead in launching the LED light parity revolution, and greatly adjusted the price of some LED bulbs and LEDT8 light pipes. The price adjustment range exceeded 40, and the LED light source will enter the $1 era, the industry was shocked. The price of Jason's 3 w led bulb lamp to the dealer is 8 yuan, and the dealer's price at the terminal is about 14 yuan, the price of mulinsen 3W bulb lamp is very close to the price of 5W energy-saving lamp on the market. It has posed a threat to 5W energy-saving lamps and quickly occupied the lighting market. The price of washing machine can not fall to the price of cabbage, the price of car can not fall to the price of chopsticks, from a certain point of view, everything will have a price. Our mulinsen is to produce cost-effective products. We pursue large quantity, standardization, etc. , and strive to be the price of LED products. Sun Qinghuan, chairman of mulinsen Co. , Ltd. , said with confidence. Previously, Op defined the ceiling lamp, NVC defined the lamp Cup and transformer, and sanxiong defined the ballast to enter the public view. There are also fluorescent tubes and T8 lamps, which are actually redefined by Foshan Lighting, Philips and other lighting companies. Philips defines the price line and Foshan Lighting defines the low-end price line, thus popularizing T8 lamps and fluorescent tubes. From the perspective of the development law of traditional lighting industry, the future 1- Within 2 years, there must be LED lighting enterprises or traditional lighting enterprises to define LED product categories in a certain field, thus beginning to popularize LED lighting. There is no doubt that Jason wants to enter the public's field of vision by establishing the brand of bulb lamp and defining the price of LED products. If you want to do it, you dare to take advantage of the price. I am afraid that it is not mulinsen. Do not do three no products, do products, because the current LED industry is in the ascendant, the profit is slightly more than traditional lighting products, especially in the domestic pipeline terminal, in addition, there is no national unified standard and related institutions to supervise, resulting in a large number of small workshop-type enterprises springing up in the industrial cluster base. But these workshop-style LED products have no quality at all. In addition, some companies have even reduced product quality in order to win the market with price wars. This year, LED quality incidents broke out frequently. The results of the provincial-level special supervision and spot check on the quality of Self-ballasted LED lights in Guangdong province, which was previously announced by the Guangdong provincial quality supervision bureau, showed that among the 23 batches of Self-ballasted LED in the spot check, 17 batches were unqualified, failure rate up to 73. 9. Blindly pursuing the price, it is easy to completely ignore the quality, which is equivalent to doing three products. However, mulinsen focuses on creating products with high cost performance. We must make our products a choice and a consumer's product under the same product quality conditions. Sun Qinghuan, chairman of mulinsen Co. , Ltd. , said with perseverance. So, how to reduce the production cost while ensuring the product quality? Mulinsen mainly strengthens horizontal integration and vertical integration, and strives to reduce costs with large-scale advantages. First of all, Jason has a very high self-control ability in packaging and other materials. Secondly, we have invested a lot of energy in every link from the aspects of materials, product design and production process. With the mulinsen LED light source manufacturing base, it can provide consumers with cost-effective LED high-quality light source products through large-scale advantages on the premise of ensuring product quality. The consistent proposition and philosophy of the mulinsen executives from beginning to end is: using good equipment, expensive labor (Salary) Reasonable configuration, production of cost-effective products, for the benefit of ordinary people. Lin Jiliang, general manager of the lighting and display division of mulinsen Co. , Ltd. , said.
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