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LED products test water real estate market

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-19
With the regulation of the real estate market, the lighting industry is affected like other building materials and household industries. On the other hand, with the promotion of fine decoration and the test of LED products in the real estate field, the lighting industry has also seen many opportunities and is also facing more new challenges. Although the cost of LED products is relatively high, it can play a role in improving the decoration grade of houses and can be used as a small selling point in house sales. The procurement model forced the sales model to change. A large number of building materials and household products that do not need to be purchased in the era of rough houses are now required to be purchased by developers, including lighting products. For scattered and personalized products, we purchase them through bidding, while for bulk and general building materials products, we generally purchase them through strategic partners. The procurement mode of lighting products is just in the transition stage from bidding procurement to strategic partners. Similar to other parts procurement, developers pay attention to three aspects of lighting products: quality, price, installation and after-sales. Because lighting products have a problem of installation, debugging and later maintenance, it is very important for manufacturers to keep up with their services. The manager of the public relations department of an electrical appliance Co. , Ltd. said that the market is forcing lighting enterprises to transform and upgrade. We are seeking the transformation of the sales model, gradually expanding the real estate project procurement and other fields from the previous all-store sales model. In the field of real estate Engineering Procurement, affordable housing is our current strategic focus. Due to the high cost control requirements of affordable housing, we mainly introduce some lighting products with high cost performance. According to reports, starting from being an electrician and making electrical appliances, he has been involved in the LED industry since 2009. Through this new energy-saving light source product, he has fully entered the entire lighting industry chain and has made great achievements in the real estate engineering market. Similarly, the penetration of the real estate engineering market has become the consensus of lighting enterprises. The marketing manager of the marketing center of Nanjing hanmou company told reporters that the company has already carried out cooperation with developers, but it is still far from enough. The next step will continue to increase cooperation. At present, our cooperation with developers are all scattered projects obtained through bidding, and we have not carried out long-term strategic cooperation with real estate developers. In the next step, we also want to seek cooperation with developers, in particular, some large developers have established strategic cooperative relations. However, the broad prospect corresponds to the change of sales model in product upgrading. Energy saving and intelligence are the development direction of lighting products in the future. In order to cope with the changes in the market, we have made great efforts in product upgrading, such as LED product development and intelligent node control. LED products are much better than traditional lighting products in terms of energy saving and service life. Although they have not yet adopted LED products, they have been paying close attention to them. In their communication with developers, they found that they were still cautious about the use of LED products. Of course, the first factor is the price problem. The price of LED products is several times or even more than ten times that of other lighting products. Then there is the stability and applicability of LED products. Perhaps in the initial stage, LED products pay more attention to outdoor lighting. LED products specially suitable for indoor lighting still have fewer types and styles. Zhang Baoqing also admitted to reporters that the reason why LED products have not been used has not been that apart from the well-known price factors, the small variety of LED products to choose from is also an important factor. For example, at present, we have come into contact with more LED products, downlights and spotlights, and less indoor LED products. I believe many developers have the same feeling as us. But at the same time, it is also believed that as the third generation light source, LED products are definitely the future development trend. LED products in real estate market of penetration is already very obvious we of a brother the company just construction a Villa lighting project the whole a few 100,000 square meters of Villa all the LED lighting effect very good, developers and owners are also very satisfied. Pei Jiandong, assistant general manager of the purchasing department of Jiangsu Xincheng Real Estate Co. , Ltd. , told reporters that the factors to be considered in purchasing lighting products must be product quality, followed by price. The price of LED products is still on the high side, and the purchase is relatively small, accounting for about of the total purchase volume. It is mainly used in projects, in addition to some large public buildings undertaken by the company. It is understood that in the public buildings we have built, the proportion of LED products has reached more than 50, mainly considering the energy-saving effect of LED products in the use process. With the expansion of market demand, the price of LED products should gradually decline, and then we will consider large-scale use of LED products. Wang Zhi, assistant manager of the group purchasing department of Sunshine Yibai Real Estate Group Co. , Ltd. , believes that although LED products are costly, they can play a role in improving the decoration grade of houses, can be used as a small selling point for housing sales. Of course, due to cost considerations, our LED products are mainly used in some projects at present, and the purchase proportion accounts for about 20% of the total purchase amount of lighting products. A manager of an LED lighting division told reporters that at present, public buildings are the main application fields of indoor LED lighting. In the residential field, the use of LED products is mainly concentrated in villas and other residential areas, and the price competitiveness of LED products in the ordinary residential field is obviously insufficient. Considering the cost factor, developers seldom use LED products. However, with the continuous decline in the price of LED products, this situation has begun to improve. In the long run, with the continuous improvement of product performance and the sharp drop in cost, LED lighting will occupy an important position in the future market, including the real estate engineering market.
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