LED products energy-saving, environmental protection of image has been deeply rooted in the hearts o

LED products energy-saving, environmental protection of image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-19
Heyuan city, a prefecture-level city affiliated to Guangdong province, is located in the northern part of Guangdong province and is one of the main settlements of Hakka people. As a third-tier city, Heyuan's tourism industry has developed rapidly in recent years. At the same time, commerce in various fields has also changed under the drive of tourism economy. Recently, I visited Heyuan city in Guangdong province to visit the lighting market of Hakka ancient city, which has a history of more than two thousand years. During the visit, the author found that with the rapid development of LED, the lighting market pattern in Heyuan city is also quietly changing. The competition in the industry has intensified, and the operation of physical stores is difficult. Unlike many cities, so far, there is no centralized lighting store in Heyuan city. The sales of lamps and lanterns are mainly in the form of hardware stores, scattered home building materials stores, and decorative materials supermarkets. Among them, hardware stores are located in all streets of Heyuan city, while home building materials stores and decoration materials supermarkets are concentrated on Hongxing Road on Zhongshan Avenue. There, the author visited the specialty stores of Rex, sanxiong, pinshang lighting and other brands, and learned that even Rex and sanxiong are giant brands in the domestic lighting industry, here, it can only be mixed with doors and windows, and other low-priced products of miscellaneous brands. The heads of the two stores said that the products of big brands in Heyuan city can only live through engineering channels, physical stores can only survive with other products. On the other hand, with the development of economy, there are more and more lamp merchants in Heyuan city, from 20 or 30 a few years ago to nearly 100 now. At the same time, many original building materials supermarkets are also vigorously developing the sales of lighting, and some lighting cities are being planned and completed. Many businesses said that competition has intensified and survival has become more and more difficult. Only in terms of interpersonal relationships, product styles and prices can they find a way out. There is another reason why LED products are fully infiltrated and e-commerce is so popular that physical store merchants feel difficult to survive: the new generation of consumer groups prefer e-commerce platforms. For the overall market of Heyuan city, many merchants believe that the space has improved, because of the popularization of LED product knowledge, the image of LED products energy saving and environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many people are not allowed to use LED when using lights. However, although the market is large and the competition is greater, it is a headache for every merchant. The head of elephant lighting, who acts as an agent for Sheraton lighting in Foshan, said that it is difficult for the real merchants selling lamps to survive on retail except for hardware stores. On the one hand, Heyuan City's lighting styles are not many and the price is slightly higher. Customers who need lights prefer to go to Guangzhou, Zhongshan and other big cities to choose. On the other hand, young consumers prefer to buy a small number of lamps online. Although it is not easy to survive, the author learned during the visit that there are still businesses that are optimistic about the lighting market. Sanxiong? The person in charge of Aurora Lighting Hongxing Road store said that as of October this year, sales have increased compared with the previous two years, and the space for improvement mainly comes from the customer group that renovated the house. He believes that with the decline in house prices, many rural residents will move to urban areas to live, and the decoration group will have a certain growth, which also provides a larger living space for the lighting industry.
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