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LED products are good, not good, business photos encounter high cost problems

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-20
Every time it comes to the difficulties encountered in the application and promotion of LED lighting products, the factor of high cost is a cliché of many insiders. What is the reason why the price of LED lighting products is expensive? Some experts have analyzed this: the current shell, power supply system (Power Conversion) The heat dissipation system accounts for about of the cost, and the cost of this part should not be the cost of semiconductor lighting itself. In the future, with the progress of chip technology, the proportion of this peripheral power supply system is predicted to reach more than 70. According to the introduction of industry insiders, the current situation of LED lighting products is that they are not popular. Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting industry has entered the field of LED lighting industry, which can be traced back to seven or eight years ago. After experiencing two stages of development of landscape lighting and applied lighting, now the industrial chain has expanded to indoor and outdoor decorative lamps, commercial engineering lamps, and extended to packaging, accessories and other links, showing a good development trend. Zhongshan lighting enterprises have also launched LED lighting products, but high upfront investment has not brought rich profits. According to statistics, Zhongshan, as the largest energy-saving lamp production base in Guangdong province, will export up to 2. In 2010. US $1. 5 billion, while LED lighting is only 4229. $20 thousand. In the quarter of this year, the export value of LED lighting is also far from that of energy-saving lamps. Liu Zhihong, director of the Guzhen office of Zhongshan inspection and quarantine bureau, said that taking LED lighting as an example, there are currently less than 10 enterprises with real export capacity. Although LED has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and long service life, and from the perspective of overall cost of ownership, the current cost performance of LED has obvious advantages over some traditional light sources, however, due to the purchasing power of ordinary people and the limited knowledge of LED light sources, consumers are still extremely sensitive to the initial purchase price, which also causes great difficulties to the promotion of LED lighting. In fact, this is similar to the problems encountered by other products based on new technologies when they go to the market. At present, the major problems in the commercial promotion of LED lighting are still in terms of cost, in particular, the initial purchase cost is too high, and now the price of LED light source is almost 3 ~ Ten times, some even higher, naturally deterred many potential users. In the domestic market, it is precisely because the cost of LED lighting lamps is much higher than that of energy-saving lamps that the promotion is difficult. According to the survey, the second and third tier cities are almost unheard of LED commercial lamps, not to mention taking the initiative to replace the existing traditional lamps at a higher cost. In addition, the market expansion is far from enough. At present, the application of LED commercial photos only exists in large-scale commercial supermarkets, entertainment facilities, buildings and road lighting projects in some developed cities in China. However, the price sensitivity of LED commercial lighting is already relatively low, because commercial lighting takes a long time and the energy-saving effect is more significant, so it should be easier to market. But the reality is that the LED commercial lighting market is not good at all. According to a person from an LED lighting company, the company has also promoted LED lighting products to some stores: I feel that the domestic market is slowly starting, but there is no such thing as the success of foreign enterprises in commercial lighting. Previously, he worked as the director of Zhongshan taiteng lighting, which focuses on commercial lighting. At present, Mr. Xiao Jie, who has set up his own lighting design company, also introduced to reporters: commercial lighting is not in the climate for the time being, to a large extent, it is the cost problem and the price problem, but at present it can be seen that it is getting hotter gradually. For example, there have been more and more adoption in the jewelry industry, but this part of the product grade is still very low, which in turn can easily affect the user's reputation for LED. Xiao Jie said: The product grade is low, and there are often problems in color rendering and service life, which in turn may affect the promotion and use of LED. At present, commercial lighting is still the world of metal halide lamps in clothing and other industries. LED is only used in small space display methods such as jewelry. Xiao Jie believes that excluding the cost factor, LED wants to replace metal halide lamps in the commercial lighting field in the future, and must also give full play to the advantages of small size and easy storage. In view of the promotion and application of LED lighting products in commercial lighting, Liang Bingwen, chairman of Suzhou Najing optoelectronics company, believes that to truly solve these problems, first of all, we should reduce costs by technological innovation, modularization, standardization and batch upgrading. Secondly, the government should give some support and subsidies in policy so that LED lighting products can enter the mass market as soon as possible. In addition, attention should also be paid to novel appearance design and other products with added value to win the love and favor of customers. Although the current commercial promotion environment of LED lighting products is relatively harsh, the performance in the wide application of commercial photos is not very satisfactory, shenzhen Arctic Technology, which specializes in manufacturing high-power LED commercial lighting lamps and LED jewelry lamps, is quite optimistic about this: from the market level, LED commercial lighting has a broad market prospect. Its research and development costs are also showing a trend of continuous decline. The core technology of LED is LED chip technology. The technical patents of LED chips have been gradually unfrozen since 2010. As long as the price of LED chips drops sharply, the cost of LED commercial products will also be greatly reduced. The LED market can further reduce the production cost through large-scale production of products, thus contributing to the wide application of LED products. We seem to have seen that the smoke of an LED commercial lighting war is rising, and emerging brands and export brands will shake the domestic traditional business pattern in this war. It is expected that LED commercial lighting will become more and more mature in the future, and the stability of LED products will be further improved. For people in the LED industry, LED lamps with high quality and low price will be provided in the future, it will be the key for enterprises to promote the development of LED business photos. We will wait and see.
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