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LED products are getting more and more competitive in the market

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-20
What is a game? Chess means playing chess in China. Playing chess is a game of intellectual games. Of course, to expand the game, the wrestling between enterprises, the competition between merchants, the competition between stores, etc. can all be a game. What is a game? Chess means playing chess in China. Playing chess is a game of intellectual games. Of course, to expand the game, the wrestling between enterprises, the competition between merchants, the competition between stores, etc. can all be a game. In recent years, the development of LED lighting industry has been in full swing, and the construction of lighting stores in ancient towns has mushroomed one after another. Knowing the game is easier to win business opportunities, how to stand out and dominate in the fierce competition? This is a question that store operators need to focus on. Stores are like battlefields, so-called shopping malls are like battlefields, and lighting stores are also like battlefields. The lighting store is a platform that carries various transactions such as producers, distributors, consumers and logistics providers, and is also a platform that gathers information flow, capital flow, logistics and people flow. In the 30 years of development of the ancient town lighting industry, it has always been dominated by businessmen. At this stage, with the rapid development of the lighting industry and the refinement of the demand for terminal sales, the economy of the ancient town stores is in full swing and the market competition is getting fiercer and fiercer. According to statistics, there are currently 45 professional lighting stores in the ancient town, of which 29 have been built and 16 are under construction. In addition, relevant people in the industry have reported that due to the vacancy of some stores in the ancient town, the argument that the supply of stores in the ancient town exceeds the demand is endless. But the so-called store surplus should be just a false proposition. Although the increase in the number of stores will make the market tend to become saturated, on the other hand, it can also promote the competition among all stores and jointly stage the competition for investment, thus driving the economic development of the stores. More and more stores are opening, and the number of merchants is only so large, which is bound to lead to huge competitive pressure. The high rent is the fatal injury of the store's investment. Looking at the big stores in the ancient town, it can be said that the competition is getting bigger and bigger. The stores of all parties have done their best to attract investment. Some have developed in groups and some have introduced various preferential policies. Anyway, the hypermarkets have the advantages of hypermarkets, while the hypermarkets have the characteristics of hypermarkets, each store has a different way of attracting investment. For example, the Star Alliance was established recently. The two giants of Huayi Lighting and Kaiyuan lighting are married, integrated, and combined to seize the market. Another example is Deng Wang, in terms of the layout of the store, with its superior geographical location, it can give merchants a good opportunity to display their image, at the same time, it has perfect supporting facilities and has introduced Yangcheng cuisine, in order to attract traffic and buyers; In terms of publicity and promotion, we have joined hands with hotels and hotels to increase publicity and promotion efforts in order to ensure the interests of the settled merchants, support and help them develop and make the stores grow. Grasping operation is the key to the emergence of large-scale stores. The fierce competition they bring accelerates the reshuffle of the lighting market, it also brings new opportunities and challenges to the operators of the store. The rent is declining, the market sentiment is not enough, the investment and income of the settled merchants are not proportional, and the impact, management and service of e-commerce on the Direct stores. With the market nearly saturated, the key to the survival of the store is to operate and achieve a qualitative breakthrough. Reasonable operation includes that the store needs to have its own core competitiveness, professional management team, resource integration capability, accurate positioning, perfect supporting services, etc. , and is committed to improving the profit margin of the settled enterprises, help enterprises to do a good job of publicity and promotion. The operation of the lighting store has a 2:2:6 operation rule: the early market planning accounts for of the project, the medium-term market investment accounts for of the project, and the later market operation is the top priority, accounting for 60% of the project. Therefore, the formation of a responsible market operation team with a responsible attitude plays an important role in the operation of the store. With the increasing number of stores, the market is gradually becoming saturated. Therefore, it is also crucial for stores to have a clear and accurate positioning. The positioning of lighting stores should change from operating commodities to operating services and operating consumption, look at the dialectical relationship between brands and services more scientifically, and pay attention to the operation of credit and services. For lighting stores, investment promotion is their lifeline. Investment promotion is good, and the follow-up operation of the entire store can be effectively sustained. General store investment has a life and death line, also known as the profit and loss line (Occupancy rate 70). Different stores, the investment situation is different. Now the market is facing further optimization. The store is actually a platform for commercial aggregation. The main function is divergence and aggregation. Divergence is the reproduction and expansion of the model. For example, when the Beijing market is completed, the Shanghai, Tianjin and other markets will be developed. This is the process of fission; Aggregation is the internal optimization combination. In the case of bad market conditions, we will not give up continuous expansion, actively optimize software and hardware facilities, strengthen store services, and attract superior manufacturers' resources.
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