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LED product quality difference, high price is still a consumer barrier

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-20
With the improvement of people's living standards, the concepts of green, energy saving and environmental protection are highly praised by everyone, and lighting is a part of our life that consumes a lot of energy. When our awareness of energy saving is improved, the fourth generation of lighting source LED products are entering our life as ordinary consumer goods, and the LED market is slowly opening up. The quality of LED products varies greatly. Although the market expansion is certain and the government has implemented many subsidies, the prospects of LED-related enterprises are still not optimistic. In the Chinese market full of LED enterprises with uneven quality, the product quality of enterprises varies greatly. Moreover, with the impact of falling prices, many large enterprises have also been forced to lower prices and have been troubled by low profits. Enterprises with poor quality and profit margins are on the verge of elimination. There are many inferior products in China's LED lighting market. Enterprises that sacrifice quality in order to be superior to their competitors in price are in an endless stream. Some products even break down in 3 days, so LED lighting products cannot win trust in China. At present, improving this situation is the top priority of government agencies, and the importance of setting standards for LED lighting products is gradually being re-recognized. Unknown brands are flooding the market. Judging from the price, there are even 3-5 yuan bulb; And the cheap products of brand enterprises are also above 30 yuan; A large number of unknown brand products flooded the market. The chaos of this kind of price system seems to the industry to be caused by unbalanced development of the industry and structural overcapacity. Lu Jinqing, market manager of LED light source products in Philips Lighting Asia Pacific region, said that since the entry threshold is not high, all spare parts can be purchased in the market, therefore, enterprises in the traditional lighting industry and the electronics industry are entering the LED lighting industry. The result brought by this is overcapacity and over-investment. If some enterprises cannot sell their products, they can only rely on sacrificing the quality of their products in exchange for price reduction space. Philips once did sample analysis and found that some low-priced bulbs cut corners in materials and used 3-After 5 months, the lights will dim. Consumers who bought in the early stage were cheated, which is a damage to the industry. High prices are still a consumer barrier. The cost of LED light sources will go down and the price will also fall. However, at present, the prices of brand LED bulbs 30 and 40 yuan still deter many consumers. Although Philips has introduced a low-priced all-purpose bulb, it is only an entry-level basic product and a product that allows families to begin to contact and use LED. Philips said that the sales of the pro-people series of light bulbs were better than expected, but they also admitted that the acceptance of the first and second tier cities is relatively high, and the price is still a constraint on promotion. At the same time, industry insiders said: at present, the price of LED components is still relatively high, which has an impact on the popularity and acceptance of LED in the entire lighting market. In addition, consumers do not have a comprehensive understanding of the performance characteristics of LED products, and only focus on energy conservation, which is still the main problem faced by LED in this promotion and popularization stage.
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