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LED product inventory at the end of the year

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-20
At the end of the year, all enterprises are busy selling their own products, hoping to create a finish in the second month of 2013. However, this is also a period of headaches for lighting companies: it is time to consider the inventory of their products. Do you want to keep the inventory, how much, and what products? As far as LED lighting enterprises are concerned, most of them will decide whether to leave inventory or not according to actual sales forecast and market trends. In terms of inventory, they are generally shaped products, which can be divided into two types, one is raw material inventory for production, and the other is finished product inventory for circulation. These two kinds of inventory are very important to the enterprise from different angles. The inventory of raw materials can guarantee the materials that the enterprise consumes continuously and supplement them. Generally speaking, the inventory of raw materials is more than that of finished products. Finished product inventory can replenish a large number of orders in a short period of time in a timely manner, leaving room for enterprises to produce surplus products. Although the amount of finished product inventory is generally small, but it is very important for enterprises to produce and sell normally. According to the recovery of the lighting market at the beginning of this year, jiuzheng building materials network can see that enterprises with inventory last year can deliver orders in time, which can be said to have made greater profits. However, enterprises without inventory cannot deliver goods in time even if they receive orders, and they cannot benefit from this small climax. However, judging from the overall situation this year, the lamp market this year is relatively quiet except at the beginning of the year, and there is not much sign of recovery at the end of the year. Therefore, this year's lighting companies face the problem of whether to keep stocks in the analysis of actual sales and market conditions: if stocks are left, there will be no signs of recovery at the beginning of this year at the beginning of next year, then it will definitely lead to a backlog of inventory, which will affect the production plan of the enterprise next year and occupy the working capital of the enterprise; If the inventory is not left, the recovery will continue to appear at the beginning of next year. In the face of orders that cannot be shipped, the company will not be able to get benefits. In fact, for enterprises, in addition to analyzing the actual sales volume and market situation, they also need to analyze their own actual situation. If the company's working capital is sufficient and the production plan is flexible, it is a good choice to keep enough goods. Even if there is no recovery in the coming year, it will not have much impact on the enterprise. As long as the sales work is stepped up, the inventory will be easily emptied. On the contrary, after analyzing the sales volume and market situation, enterprises with insufficient liquidity should carefully consider the issue of keeping inventory. In order to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise and obtain sufficient benefits, the Enterprise must carefully consider the problem of keeping inventory.
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