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LED product demand continues to increase, enterprise revenue or rapid increase

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-19
Dongbei Optoelectronics consolidated revenue in June 6. 0. 3 billion yuan, down 7. 5% from May. 52. P'tit Dej said because LED industry has been in 2nd Season drop Bottom 3rd season in backlight and lighting products demand increased month by month. LED industry is expected to resume growth. Dongbei was affected by Philips, a major lighting factory in Europe and the United States, selling old stocks at a low price in June. The market continued to wait and see, resulting in a decline in combined monthly revenue to 6. 0. 3 billion yuan, with a cumulative combined revenue of in the first half of the year. 3. 2 billion yuan, up from the same period last year. 36 but due to 2nd season revenue is last year the same period growth in product combination better of status under gross margin will have better. P'tit Dej said 2nd season LED lighting demand just market short-term disorder phenomenon European and American manufacturers Philips to low-cost selling old inventory at the same time support vigorously promotion semi-Zhou Guang LED low-cost bulb, to approach traditional energy-saving bulbs (CFL) Of retail price provide to consumers on overall lighting market of supply and demand and the dynamics of P'tit Dej this said optimistic attitude prediction 3rd season the visible order return. Because the price of a half-cycle LED bulb is compared to a traditional energy-saving bulb (CFL) More competitiveness general family can be easily consumption to the prediction LED light bulb can further replace traditional lighting P'tit Dej also will in 3rd season in advance launched high cost, and new architecture products with more cost competitive advantages, in response to rapid changes in the market, it is estimated that there will be rapid growth in the second half of the year. P'tit Dej pointed out that LED light bulb permeability as of earlier this year only about 10 to 13 LED lighting was 2nd end of the period the bottom prospect 3rd season new wave of products sales cycle is about to from the second half of start, 3rd season in addition to bulb outside and have lamp and downlight and other new product New Order baton 3rd season in backlight and lighting products demand month by month warming under LED industry revenue is expected to resume growth kinetic energy.
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