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LED prices fall below the sweet point, there are advantages and disadvantages

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-18
LED prices are falling frequently. In fact, the price drop is good or bad. If the price falls to a sweet point, it may lead to a reversal of growth, but if the price falls too fast, the manufacturer may have to work hard. Industrial Research Institute (IEK) Analyst Guo Ziling said that reducing LED production costs has become an important topic for manufacturers, including back-end packaging, heat dissipation and driver IC, which will be three important topics for manufacturers to reduce costs. Guo Ziling pointed out that in recent years, major international manufacturers have cut into the back-end packaging and looked towards unpackaged products. Whether the packaging cost can be reduced has become the key to the profitability of manufacturers. In addition, from the perspective of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of LED, the high value is not in the light source, but in the back-end lamps, so the major factories focus on the back-end layout. The low price of LED has prompted manufacturers to actively reduce costs. Guo Ziling said that the packaging and heat dissipation costs of LED components account for more than, which has become an important direction for manufacturers to reduce costs, it is estimated that the packaging cost must be reduced by at least by 2016 to help the LED industry develop rapidly and manufacturers maintain profits. In this regard, the listed company Jingdian has developed ELC unpackaged technology, which only requires wafers, fluorescent powder and packaging glue, eliminating the steps of lead frame, wiring, etc. , and can directly patch (SMT) In addition to reducing the cost, the product has the advantage of large luminous angle, and there is an opportunity to save the use of secondary optical lenses in the future. Taiji solid-state lighting has introduced PoP no-package technology, which directly hits the wafer on the heat dissipation substrate, omitting the lead frame and the wiring process, and has the advantages of small volume and higher luminous flux, suitable for directional light source applications, with easy color mixing and color temperature control. In addition, driving IC accounts for of LED cost, which will also be the key to cost reduction, moving towards photoelectric integration and adopting non-isolated architecture, which is beneficial to cost saving.
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