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LED price war is inevitable. It is important to face competition rationally

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-18
Nowadays, with the rapid economic development, all walks of life are competitive. The fittest of the jungle are industry development of inevitable results. In recent years, China's LED industry has developed rapidly and its scale has been continuously expanding. More and more enterprises begin to set foot in the LED industry, and the competition in the industry is more intense. In order to win a place in the cruel market competition, all businesses are racking their brains. However, in such a market atmosphere that wins the World by price in China, price war will be an inevitable outcome. In the near future, intelligent control will be an inevitable trend in the development of LED industry. When talking about the development of intelligent control, Mr. Deng Daqian, engineer of Foshan Guoxing Optoelectronics Co. , Ltd. , believes that, the basic requirement for the development of intelligent control is humanization, which enables people to operate simply and conveniently and has a good user experience. At the same time, it also requires compatibility with traditional methods. In Deng Daqian's view, the important thing is the price/performance ratio. At present, China's intelligent dimming is still in the early stage of development, and the cost performance is relatively low. However, LED manufacturers should not only pursue price advantages, but also pay more attention to product quality. Regarding the price reduction space for LED intelligent control, Deng Daqian believes that there is at least 1/3 to 1/2 price reduction space. However, Mr. Zhang Shaoqiu of Junyao electronics and Mr. Wang Qiang of Guangdong sanxiong Aurora Lighting Co. , Ltd. said that there is 10 room for price reduction in the LED industry. If there is still a breakthrough in price, unless there is a big breakthrough in materials and technology. Mr. Xu Xiaotong of Guangzhou Guangri Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. believes that there must be some room for price reduction for intelligent dimming, while the bottom line for decline is to achieve civilian acceptance before it can be popularized, and to achieve civilian use is the purpose. At the same time, Mr. Zhang Shaoqiu of Junyao electronics also said that according to the current situation, the price of LED products in China has been greatly reduced and will enter the integration stage next. The development direction of intelligent dimming is low power consumption, higher temperature resistance and more energy saving, so as to meet the requirements of market development and do better and better. However, Mr. Zhang Shaoqiu also suggested that although the market is getting bigger and better, it must not be mixed up. At present, although China's LED market is rising steadily, the industry threshold is very low. It is very important to invest rationally instead of rushing in. In the future, China's LED industry will continue to mature, but the process is relatively difficult. When the industry is slowly from the beginning to the outbreak and then to the maturity, the number of competitors will be reduced, and the price war is inevitable in this process, only when the industry develops to a relatively mature level can there be relatively stable prices and profits. It is necessary to face the price war rationally.
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