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LED poultry lighting market demand is huge

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-01
In recent years, LED lighting industry has inevitably embarked on the old road of overcapacity, homogenization and low-price competition from a hot new market. How to kill the bleeding Road in the Haohao LED industry Army and create new value? LED lighting manufacturers in Zhejiang seem to have found a breakthrough. The intelligent LED lighting system applied to poultry breeding is quietly entering the market and creating a new world of LED. Intelligent LED lighting reduces the cost of poultry farming. In a 1680 m² square meter chicken farm in Tianjin, 1. 50 thousand chickens are bathed in the light of LED lights every day, so farmers need not bother to control the light intensity and time manually. The use of intelligent LED lighting system not only reduces the cost of breeding, but also improves the survival rate of poultry. For Tianjin this chicken farm provide the technology of is Hangzhou lang tuo biological science and technology limited the company (Hereinafter referred to as langtuo technology). Pan Jinming, an associate professor of Zhejiang University and chairman of Hangzhou langtuo Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. , LED the research and development team to study the LED intelligent lighting system for poultry breeding for more than three years. Last year, langtuo Technology was established to bring technology to market. Jiang Jinsong, deputy general manager of langtuo Technology, told reporters that a few days ago, the State Intellectual Property Office received a letter of appeal requesting to deny Sharp's multiple claims for a poultry raising system, poultry raising methods, and light-emitting devices for poultry raising, finally, Sharp's domestic patent application was defeated. However, langtuo technology has obtained two national invention patents on intelligent LED special lighting systems. At present, most large broiler breeding enterprises in our country have generally adopted a 24-hour illumination system. Under the condition of light stimulation for a long time, poultry lack sufficient rest time, their health is not good, and their mortality rate has remained high. The intelligent LED lighting system for poultry breeding developed by langtuo technology can significantly promote the growth and production of poultry according to the sensitivity of Poultry Vision to various light bands. At the beginning of the installation of LED lights, the company will test them on the spot and install the control box and controller according to the actual situation, so that the illumination intensity and illumination time of LED lights can change with different periods to achieve intelligent effect. Jiang Jinsong said that in the field application, the broiler weight increased by 5. 06, the cumulative egg production of a laying hen increased by 147. 3 grams, the average mortality rate during the demonstration period decreased by 2. 1. This is because LED illumination intelligent control reduces illumination stimulation to poultry and enhances its resistance. At the same time, LED lighting conditions have improved the utilization efficiency of poultry feed by more than 5. For chickens of the same weight, LED lighting can reduce 3. 5%. The amount of feed for 21. In addition, the experiment analyzed the poultry manure under LED lighting and found that the moisture content of poultry manure decreased by 11. 5%. 3, help to inhibit the release of ammonia and improve the breeding environment. It takes a total of 6 weeks to breed a batch of broilers from the hatching of chickens to their cage. After replacing 120 energy-saving lamps with LED systems, 1178 can be saved. Electricity charges in 824 yuan. Jiang Jinsong said that the chicken farm in Tianjin last month expanded the application range of intelligent LED lighting system. So far, langtuo technology's poultry breeding intelligent LED lighting system has been applied in Zhejiang, Shenyang, Tianjin and other places. In September, Shenyang yilongtou breeding enterprise also began to install and use the company's products. The LED poultry lighting market has a scale of 10 billion yuan. Hangzhou Hanhui Optoelectronic Technology Co. , Ltd. , which specializes in research and development and production of LED new light sources and new energy sources, has also launched an intelligent LED poultry lighting system, and it was applied in a large chicken farm in Yuhang district, Hangzhou. It has received strong support from the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance and Beijing Semiconductor Lighting Technology Promotion Center. At present, the system has been promoted and used in farms in Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and other provinces, and the application scale is continuously expanding. For the whole LED industry chain, poultry intelligent LED lighting system has undoubtedly added a new application field, creating new profit points for enterprises in the industry chain. At present, the research and application of countries in the world such as the United States and Denmark in this field has just started. NextGen Lighting Company (NGI) , Is a professional lighting manufacturer providing agricultural, industrial and commercial lighting solutions. At present, thousands of pastures around the world are using their LED lighting products. Therefore, the application of LED lighting in poultry breeding has become a trend. This year 1 ~ On June, Zhejiang inspection and quarantine bureau data showed that the jurisdiction exported LED electric light source products 2. $9. 2 billion, an increase of 44. Over the same period last year. 42; The growth rate of LED lighting products is 5. 5% of that of similar products. 4 times.
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