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LED plant growth lamp to exceed US $35 million in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-31
Plant lighting, which has long been popular in Japan and South Korea, has recently begun to receive attention in China. The sales market of LED plant lamps is concentrated in Japan, South Korea, China, America, Europe and other countries and regions with fewer agricultural personnel. However, with the increase of penetration rate of LED plant growth lamps, the Chinese market has entered an outbreak period. According to the survey, the output value of LED plant growth lamps has been growing at a high speed since 2013. Although the output value is only 35 million US dollars, it is estimated that it will exceed 0. 3 billion US dollars in 2014 and is expected to challenge US dollars in 2017. [Img] /Uploads/allimg/130916/0 RA242a-0. Jpg [/Img] LED plant growth lamp what is LED plant growth lamp is a kind of plant lamp (Light emitting diode) As a light source, sunlight must be needed according to the growth law of plants, and light is used instead of sunlight to give plants a growth and development environment. The plant factory originated from Suxia, resulting in poor management. It was not until the 21st century that it received attention from all walks of life again due to the increasingly serious greenhouse effect. In 1957, Denmark hindered the growth and development of plants due to lack of sunshine, and then Japan, the United States and the Netherlands successively invested. However, LED plant growth lamps replaced light sources due to high cost, insufficient technology and poor experience, the demand of plant factories is to replace natural light with artificial light sources to move plants from outdoor to indoor so that plant growth is not affected by environmental changes. Plant growth lamps are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. LED plant lamps provide photosynthesis to plants, promote plant growth, shorten the time for plants to blossom and bear fruit, and improve production! In the modernization drive, it is an indispensable product for crops. LED lights replace natural light, plant growth time can be shortened by 1/3, vegetables can be planted without seasonal restrictions, and vegetables that were originally mature in 15 days can be harvested in 5 days, this is a typical example of using LED light to promote plant growth. Plants can perform 16 hours of photosynthesis every day, but the natural illumination time is very limited, making plants grow slowly. However, if the LED lamp is used for power-on, the plant can be continuously supplied with light, and LED light is used instead of natural light, the vegetable mature period can be shortened by 1/3, and the yield can be increased. Compared with traditional plants, plant lighting has the advantages of LED plant lighting, saving energy: it can directly manufacture the light needed by plants, generate photons of the same lumen, and consume less power; High efficiency: LED is monochromatic light, which can meet the needs of plants and produce matching light waves, while traditional plant lamps cannot. Compared with traditional plants, the disadvantages of LED plant lighting lamps: lighting angle: traditional plant lighting lamps can emit light at 360 degrees, while LED plant lighting lamps cannot do this, heat dissipation: since the power of LED plant lamps is relatively large, it is necessary to install a special fan for heat dissipation. At present, LED lighting factories are still in the period of cognition and running-in the Chinese market, and the next two to three years will be a period of rapid rise of LED plant lighting in the Chinese market, it is conservatively estimated that LED plant lamps will enter an outbreak period in the Chinese market in five years. LED Plant light Market Prospects: The 2013 LED Plant light cost has is 2010 significantly decline every tomorrow Jordan NT 0. 38 yuan, only 2010 1. The 1/5 yuan in 8 Yuan has further driven major international factories such as Philips, Osram, Mitsubishi and Panasonic to invest in innovative applications of LED Plant Factories. Taiwan, which has the advantages of both LED and agriculture industries, of course, I don't want to miss business opportunities, add scientific and technological innovation to agriculture, and promote enterprises to a value of yuan. In the past, the cost of LED lighting remained high, so plant factories used fluorescent tubes or high-pressure sodium lamps. With the decline in LED prices and the improvement of technology, a new wave of progress has been made in the application of LED in plant factories. At present, there are not many manufacturers engaged in LED plant lamps in China, most of which are concentrated in Shenzhen. At present, the sales market of LED plant lamps is also concentrated in Japan, South Korea, China, America, Europe and other countries and regions with fewer agricultural personnel. On September 10, 2013, the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance standardization committee (CSAS)Release CSA021- 2013 'performance requirements of LED flat panel lamps for plant growth' Alliance standard. This standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification and nomenclature, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, packaging, transportation and storage of LED flat panel lamps for plant growth. At present, there are many forms of LED lighting products for plant growth, such as flat panel lamps, double-ended lamps, flexible lamp belts, etc. , which will gradually change with the development of technology. CSAS will gradually carry out standardization work in LED lighting for plant growth according to technological development, promote scientific and technological progress and support industrial development.
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