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LED performance has rebounded, the industry is optimistic in the fourth quarter

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-01
Judging from the revenue of the nine Taiwan LED chip companies tracked in October, the total was. NT $8. 6 billion, up 7. From the previous month. 47. Nine Taiwan LED packaging enterprises had a total revenue of 54. 5% in October. NT $0. 4 billion, down 5. From the previous month. 07. Thanks to the good performance of the display market, the entry of some chip manufacturers into the Korean TV supply chain, and the promotion of the Lunar New Year in January and other factors, LED chip enterprises rebounded in October. However, the fourth quarter was the traditional low season for backlighting, and the demand for TV in mainland China was sluggish, which had a certain impact on LED packaging factories in Taiwan. The market share of the top ten LED lighting manufacturers is 69, and mainland and Taiwan factories still have opportunities; In October, the retail price of LED bulbs fell slightly, with 60w rising slightly; The FlashLED market continues to expand, and the two major chip camps of vertical and cladding structure compete for the FlashLED market. An important reason for the rapid growth of LED lighting products is the rapid decline in prices. The low price of 40w commodities in the United States has dropped to US $9, international manufacturers Philips and OSRAM have successively introduced low-cost products to stimulate the market. However, it is generally believed that the current price is stabilizing, the price of the bulb terminal is around US $10, and there is little room for further decline. The beneficial price stimulates consumption, coupled with the effective cost control of manufacturers and the strengthening of internal control, the LED market will continue to grow in 2014. LED lighting will become a major application market over backlight. 2013- 2016 is the golden development period of LED lighting. The penetration rate will increase from 20 to about 45. It is a rare sub-industry with fast growth and high certainty,
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