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LED patent technology big PK Japanese enterprises far away

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-02
Fan Bing, technical director of the Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that LED can be divided into three camps at present, with Japanese, European and American manufacturers as the camp, Chinese Taiwan enterprises and Korean enterprises as the second camp, mainland Chinese enterprises are the third camp. Among them, Japan and Asia chemistry, Toyota synthesis, Kerui, Osram, Lamir (Philips) Japanese, European and American manufacturers represented by others, as the camp, have core technology and strong patent strength, and have worked in general lighting and automobile lighting markets for many years. Taiwan enterprises in China have huge capacity for chip manufacturing and packaging. South Korean enterprises have become the late show of semiconductor lighting industry with the strategy of large enterprises and the complete industrial chain of vertically integrated consumer electronics, and are growing at a high speed. After that, it is an enterprise in mainland China. The scale of China's LED industry is expanding rapidly. By the end of 2010, there were more than 5000 semiconductor lighting enterprises in China, including about 1000 enterprises above designated size and more than 20 listed companies. The annual output value of the whole industry is 120 billion yuan, the output of LED lighting application products accounts for more than 19 billion, and the output value exceeds yuan. China has become a manufacturing base for LED functional lighting, landscape lighting and other products, but the scale of LED enterprises in China is generally small, the phenomenon of low-level repeated construction is more serious, and the core patented technology still needs to be broken through, the construction of standards, testing and certification systems still needs to be strengthened, and the service support system is not yet perfect. Fan Bing pointed out that Japan and Asia chemistry, Osram (Osram), Toyota synthesis (ToyodaGosei) In order to achieve the long-term market and improve the market control ability, other large companies have begun to strengthen mutual cooperation through mutual authorization of patents and other means in order to monopolize technology and market, so as to obtain high profits before the semiconductor lighting market matures. At the same time, the rapid development of technology has also forced these enterprises to give up the idea of developing alone and turn to multilateral technical cooperation. The number of patent applications for LED lighting in Japan is far away. At present, 9 of the main patentees in the LED field are Japanese companies, and only one is Samsung company in South Korea. Japan has an advantage in semiconductor lighting. Fan Bing said that among the top ten patent holders, only two of the key companies recognized by the industry to master the manufacturing technology of LED core chips are Toyota synthesis and Japan and Asia, panasonic, Sharp and Samsung, which are listed in the top three, are all important manufacturers of electronic and display products. In general, companies will first apply for patents for new technologies in their own countries. As most of the Giants in the semiconductor lighting industry belong to Japanese companies, the number of patent applications in the field of semiconductor lighting in Japan is far from enough. Fan Bing pointed out that among all LED patents patented in China, they account for a relatively large proportion in packaging and application fields, accounting for 42, 41, 9, 3, 2, chip 2, substrate 1. LED-related patents have appeared in the world since the 1960s S. In the late 1970s S, semiconductor lighting patents exceeded 100 and began to grow steadily. The number of patent applications has increased rapidly since the 2000 s. Fan Bing believes that the possible reason for the increase in patents is the rapid growth of the high-power LED market in 2002, setting a historical record. The main driving force is GaN White LED for mobile phone backlight.
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