LED overcapacity has emerged

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-22
Affected by multiple factors, the prices of LED chips, packages and applications have fallen continuously since the beginning of the year, with an average drop of more than 20 in the first seven months. At the 2011 high-tech LED boutique exhibition and Industry Summit Forum held yesterday, the hidden worry of overcapacity has become a topic of concern to entrepreneurs. Zhang Xiaofei, dean of the high-tech LED Industry Research Institute, pointed out that the serious investment overheating of the LED industry chain has already appeared. Jixiang Airlines refused to let the door four big questions Red Star Macalline 20 thousand yuan sofa is accused of counterfeit goods 27 domestic steel mills profit lost to BHP Billiton 1/8 Sino-Vietnamese cross-border economic zone or settled at the end of the year HD: gaddafi's daughter's room and swimming pool have been raided. Mooncake tax cheating depends on how much more you pay. The investment in sapphire substrate is overheated. Since the beginning of the year, the price of LED chips has dropped by more than 20%, the growth of the application market is less than expected, and many companies are under tremendous pressure to ship, and the chips are almost sold. An LED chip manufacturer admitted to reporters yesterday that sadly this is only the beginning. According to the statistics of the high-tech LED Industry Research Institute, this year 1- On July, the price of 2-inch sapphire substrate dropped from 35 US dollars per piece at the beginning of the year to 13- 15 USD/tablet, with an average decline of more than 50; The average price reduction of LED chips is 25, and the large price reduction is 42; The average price reduction of LED packaging is 23, and the large price reduction is 37; The average price cut for LED applications has also reached 21. LED sapphire substrate investment overheating serious, epitaxial chip second, packaging capacity is relatively excessive, LED application overall performance is good. Zhang Xiaofei pointed out that in the competition of preferential subsidy policies of local governments, 2011- In July, MOCVD in mainland China increased by more than 200 units. It is estimated that the LED chip production capacity will reach 10 times of that in 2012 by 2010. According to statistics, the total planned investment of LED epitaxial chips in mainland China is 183. 5 billion, of which 73. 5 billion is planned for projects under construction; The total planned MOCVD equipment scale is 4519 units, and the planned projects under construction are 1642 units. The current actual ownership is 543 units. Since last year, Yangzhou, Wuhu and other local governments have subsidized MOCVD equipment on a large scale to expand the scale of LED chip industry; But at the same time, the growth rate of the application market is not satisfactory. In the application phase, backlight has always been regarded as the main driving force for LED application, while panel manufacturers have lowered their shipping plans in the past two quarters. Have senior Analyst think due to 2010 the fourth quarter, 2011 season and the second of early LED backlight TV inventory is high and sales slow LED backlight market demand so reduce. The manufacturers in Taiwan are also facing the same problem. According to Zhan Yiren, secretary general of the Taiwan optoelectronic semiconductor industry association, the industrial boom driven by LED backlit TV last year has not continued this year; If the backlight cannot support the production capacity, it is hoped that the lighting can be driven; However, judging from the current situation, the price of LED lighting products needs to be more competitive, or the government has issued corresponding policy incentives to effectively awaken this market. With the release of production capacity in the second half of the year, enterprises will face more severe price challenges, and short-term overcapacity is certain. Ruifeng Optoelectronics (300241, stock bar)Chairman Gong Weibin said. The advantages and disadvantages of price war coexist. It is generally believed in the industry that price war will accelerate the reshuffle of the industry, eliminate some small and medium-sized enterprises, and make the market share more concentrated in leading enterprises, which is more obvious in the packaging process. According to zhang xiao fei introduced this year since LED package enterprise collapse quantity was significantly higher than that in previous years new enterprise quantity significantly reduce and most LED package enterprise Gross margin decreased significantly Total investment than 2010 reduce natural 20 above. The risk resistance of LED packaging enterprises is low. Compared with the profits of more than 90 LED packaging enterprises in 2010, the proportion of loss-making enterprises will increase substantially this year; In addition, 10 companies are expected to be forced to close down. He said. In LED investment, some enterprises have become more cautious. Tongfang shares (600100, stock bar) Wang Lianghai, the vice president, told the reporter that at present, Tongfang's investment in the LED field will not exceed 20 of the assets, and the follow-up will decide whether to increase the capital or not according to the market situation; At the same time, the company also considers the overall layout of the industrial chain. However, Gong Weibin believes that price competition is a period of differentiation for enterprises. Price war is conducive to the two types of LED manufacturing enterprises with core capabilities to stand out, one is technical type; The other is the cost type. He said that in this regard, Ruifeng Optoelectronics will pay more attention to reducing costs through technology, and strive to reduce the product quality by 30-The explicit cost of 50. He also pointed out that on the other hand, the decline in LED prices has also promoted the expansion of the market, which will prompt LED to enter the applied lighting market faster.
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