LED overcapacity affects industrial development in the third quarter

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-01
Experts said that due to the increase in the supply of LED manufacturers, the shortage of LED for medium-power lighting has been relieved in the third quarter, with the quotation of medium-power 5630 falling slightly by 1. 7/. The demand for high-power lighting LED in the second quarter was not as good as the market expected, and the high-power LED market was gradually eroded by medium-power LED such as 5630 and 3030. in the third quarter, the price of high-power Lighting LED fell by as much as 11. In terms of led TV backlight, due to the uncertainty of China's new energy-saving subsidy policy and the high level of channel inventory, the price of backlight LED for TV this season has dropped by 9. However, in the mobile phone application field of the LED backlight market, due to the warming of smart phone shipments and the introduction of dual-crystal packaging, the demand in the third quarter was optimistic, and the price of mainstream LED fell by about 3 compared with the previous quarter. Due to the sharp rise in shipments of smart phones, the increase in the average panel size of mobile phones and the continuous improvement in resolution, the use of LED backlights in smart phones has also increased all the way, with mainstream LED quotations falling by 3. However, under the dual consideration of thinness and power saving design, LED manufacturers have introduced the SideviewLED with double Crystal package this season, with a thickness of only 0. 6mm, the series voltage of the double crystal is lower than 6 V, and the average brightness reaches 15lm, which saves electricity and does not increase the burden of mechanism design. As the new machine will enter the production period in September, the double Crystal 0. 6. The average price quoted by tLED is about USD0. 15, the decline reached 6. In terms of backlight demand for notebook computers and monitors, due to weak market demand in the second half of the year and even negative growth in shipments throughout the year, backlight LEDs for notebook computers are as follows: 0. 8tsideview and 3014 packages, the quotation in the third quarter fell by 5 ~ 8, monitor backlight 3020/3014 is due to its long product cycle is also mature, Price space is limited, only 1. Under the uncertainty of the energy-saving subsidy policy, the channel stocking is temporarily conservative, and the inventory water level is 1 ~ In 2 months, this season's TV backlight LED quotation fell between 6 ~ 9. Among them, the side light type 7020 single chip and 7020 Dual Chip have started to increase due to the increase in production yield and LED usage. This season's decline is high, both to 9; The supply of 4020 and 7030 packages is stable, and the quotation for this quarter has dropped by about 6. . Experts pointed out that after the Chinese government canceled the TV subsidy, LED efficiency is no longer a priority for TV brand manufacturers, but a cost pressure. In order to reduce the usage of LED particles, in the third quarter, Direct TV began to turn to LED driven by more than 400mA high current as backlight, and direct LED fell by about 8 on average in the third quarter. Experts said that due to the pressure of LED manufacturers at the end of June, the prices of some manufacturers have shown signs of loosening. In terms of the tight medium-power LED5630 specifications for the past six months, Korean manufacturers have introduced the second-generation new products with better performance. However, the new products of various manufacturers are still in the sample delivery or promotion stage. the replacement of old products has not yet been completed, so it is expected that there will be a wave of more obvious price competition in the fourth quarter, and prices will begin to fall slightly. As for the LED part of high-power lighting, the demand for outdoor lighting and engineering bidding in the second quarter is not as good as the market expectation, and the market of high-power Lighting LED is gradually eroded by medium-power LED such as 5630 and 3030. in the third quarter, the price of high-power Lighting LED fell by as much as 11.
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