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LED output value may break 320 billion reshuffle next year

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-20
The rapid development of the lighting industry in 2013 has driven the production capacity of the upper, middle and lower reaches to be fully brought into play and slowed down the overcapacity. The size of the entire LED industry is more than 200 billion this year and will exceed 320 billion next year. Indoor lighting and outdoor lighting account for a large proportion. According to the LED industry research report, the overall output value of the LED industry is expected to increase by about 260 billion in the fourth quarter of this year, with the total industry size exceeding yuan, up year on year. The annual output value of LED Indoor lighting will increase by 110 year on year. It is estimated that by next year, although the output value base of LED Indoor lighting will increase year by year, the growth rate of output value will remain at about 60. However, behind a series of bright data, the problem of increasing income and not increasing profits in the industry is still prominent. Experts said that although there were many orders and revenue growth in 2013, the price war was fierce and the profits of enterprises were getting thinner and thinner. Data show that 20 listed companies in Shenwan LED industry achieved a total operating income of 141 in the first three quarters of this year. 9. 5 billion yuan, up from 118 in the first three quarters of last year. 1. 1 billion yuan, up; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was 16. 8. 7 billion yuan, up from in the first three quarters of last year. 0. 9 billion yuan increased by, and the profit growth rate was significantly lower than the revenue growth rate. In response, people in the industry generally believe that price war, increase in expenses during the period and decrease in government subsidies are important reasons for LED enterprises not to increase profits. However, Wang Lianghai, vice president of Tsinghua Tongfang, and Pan Jianqing, chairman of Tiantong Holdings, both said that the past two years have been a painful period for the industry. After this process, the profit situation of the industry has improved. Zhu Bingzhong, vice president of qinshang Optoelectronics, also pointed out that from the third quarter, the company's profits have improved, and we will gradually increase our investment in channels. Other aspects will also increase investment and the future trend will remain relatively good. Li Guoping, chairman of Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics, said that he would continue to invest money, purchase and optimize equipment, and gain scale advantages to reduce overall costs and obtain better profits. However, with the rapid growth of the market demand for LED lighting terminals, the concentration of the industry has not increased significantly. It is understood that there are about 50 domestic LED upstream enterprises, 1750 middle-stream packaging enterprises and 15000 downstream application enterprises. However, at present, no manufacturer has a market share of more than 5. 5%. Experts predict that the number of enterprises turning from traditional lighting to LED lighting will reach a peak next year, and the number of enterprises focusing on LED sales will also reach a peak. With the increasingly fierce market competition, industry integration will also continue to increase, most upstream enterprises will die, and the final survival rate of local chip manufacturers is expected to be around 30; In the middle reaches, enterprises can only survive by forming strategic alliances with the downstream, and more than 1000 LED packaging enterprises will be eliminated; Downstream application enterprises will also face a major reshuffle. It is estimated that LED lighting enterprises will die more than 50 in the next 5 years and traditional lighting enterprises will die more than 30.
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