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LED outdoor lighting enters maturity in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-30
According to the new 'silver Member Report' of the green energy business department under the market research organization TrendForce, LED outdoor lighting has entered a mature market, and the shipments and market size of LED outdoor lighting in the market will grow rapidly. Analyst Wang Ting said, 'LED street lamp solutions have been continuously innovated and improved for many years, and many cities have fully verified the energy conservation and environmental protection of LED lighting lamps after early pilot installation, with the advantage of long service life, the price of LED street lamps has also dropped to a level closer to that of traditional lamps, with an estimated 2014 ~ 2017 LED outdoor lighting not only shipments with than rapid growth market scale also will keep natural 20 more than composite growth. 'North America has launched a large-scale street lamp replacement plan. According to the North American market, by the end of 2013, more than 600 cities in the United States have installed or are planning to install LED street lamps, such as 14. 20 thousand, Seattle City installation 4. 10 thousand, Las Vegas installed 40 thousand, Boston installed 3. 20 thousand. New York City has planned to replace 250 thousand street lamps in the city in 2017, and then replace the decorative lighting lamps in the city's commercial areas with LED lamps. This will be a large-scale LED street lamp replacement plan in North America. In addition, most provinces and cities in Canada are also actively carrying out LED street lamp replacement plans or incentive plans. The outdoor lighting market in North America has gradually matured with the participation of manufacturers. The competitive strategies of manufacturers are mainly reflected in providing high cost-effective products, paying more attention to environmental factors and meeting professional needs. For example, Cree has introduced a $99 LED street lamp that can replace 100W high-pressure sodium lamps to meet the changing needs of municipal authorities whose budget is not sufficient. In addition, due to the shift in consumer demand from halogen lamps and incandescent lamps to more energy-saving and longer-lived LED products, first-line manufacturers such as Osram and GE have streamlined their traditional lighting business, focus on LED products and solutions. European LED street lamp lighting is becoming more popular in an all-round way, and the European lighting market is no less popular. The European street lamp market has always been a B2G oligopoly market, with few product styles and a relatively stable supply chain, usually dominated by local brand factories or local manufacturers in Europe, and these manufacturers all have quite good political and commercial relations and economic scale. European LED street lamps are less sensitive to price than other regions, but the quality requirements are quite strict. LED street lamp installation projects are also being popularized in various regions of Europe, with the UK progressing rapidly. London recently launched a major street lighting modernization project so far, and plans to replace about 52,000 of the 35,000 lamps used for street lighting throughout the city with LED lamps by 2016. In addition, other regions in the UK also started replacement plans in 2013 to install LED street lamps on a large scale. Japan's LED lighting will benefit from the 2020 Olympics. The Japanese government announced the December 22, 2013 government annual budget on 2014, 95. The amount of 88 trillion yen set a new record. In the 2014 Japanese government budget, the main increase in expenditure was in social welfare, national defense and public buildings, of which 4 billion yen was set in BEMS, LED lighting demonstration, experiment and international standard setting. The Japanese government will reduce the current fiscal deficit of about 50 trillion yen by half by increasing tax sources and reducing the issuance of government bonds to achieve the goal of deficit reduction. The longer-term goal is the lighting project and infrastructure construction related to the 2020 Olympic Games. At present, it can be seen that the relevant construction industry has officially started, and it is planned to introduce LED lighting and OLED lighting to attract international attention. In addition, the signing of the international mercury convention will also bring new business opportunities for LED lighting. The growth momentum of China's outdoor lighting comes from the demand for refitting LED street lamps. The increase in China's street lamps is in good agreement with the government's financial expansion cycle. In 2009, the Chinese government proposed 4 trillion yuan (RMB) According to the economic stimulus plan, the number of newly installed street lamps reached 1. 84 million in that year (YOY 12. 17). Since 2012, China's Finance has entered a tightening cycle, and the budget for public expenditure has been strictly managed. It is predicted that the new number of street lamps in China's cities will enter a declining range. The future growth momentum will mainly come from the demand for conversion into LED street lamps, especially the replacement demand brought about by the outdoor lighting energy-saving renovation project supported by EMC mode. Statistics show that a large number of bidding cases in Guangdong province in 2013 are still concentrated in the six central cities of the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration with relatively developed economy and strong financial strength. However, the number has also increased significantly compared with 12 years. In the field of outdoor public lighting, LED lighting has entered a harvest period. After the replacement is completed, the new demand in coastal cities will slow down. Guangdong's installed capacity of LED street lamps will reach at least 300 thousand units in 2013, while 1H14 will enter the intensive installation period of street lamps. The trend of LED street lamp replacement in emerging markets has started, with emerging markets such as India, Russia, Southeast Asia ( Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand)Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia) As well as Australia, LED outdoor lighting related policies and dressing projects are receiving increasing attention. Russia will ban the sale of incandescent lamps over 25W in 2014, and Malaysia will also ban or phase out all incandescent lamps and traditional lighting methods in buildings and real estate projects from 2014. However, Thailand and India are expected to greatly increase the penetration rate of LED lighting by 2015. In addition, major cities in Australia, Argentina, Colombia and India have started LED street lamp installation projects. Overall, North America, China and Europe are still the main demand areas for outdoor lighting, but the growth rate has slowed down due to budget cuts and higher penetration rates. However, the Latin American market was developed late, and two major events were held in Brazil to promote it. The outdoor lighting market will usher in a period of rapid growth.
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