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LED merchants focus on quality and service in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-31
With the gradual implementation of government support measures and the continuous increase of support, LED lighting industry is stepping into the game stage of price and quality from a barbaric growth stage. Experts pointed out at a recent meeting on the docking and promotion of LED lighting products enterprises that the price of LED products is declining at a rate of about 20 per year, the focus of future industrial competition will turn to product quality and service. Policy leverage leverages industrial expansion. The financial subsidy promotion project for semiconductor lighting products implemented by the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology completed the public bidding last week. This is the second round of bidding for subsidy projects issued by the mainland after last year. At last Friday's zinya electronics 3E- Many industry insiders said that the government plays a vital role in promoting LED products. In addition to the central government, local governments have spared no effort to support the LED industry. Taking Binhai New Area as an example, the 'several measures to promote the development of new energy industry in Binhai New Area' released in 2011 proposed to focus on supporting semiconductor lighting (LED) Key equipment and materials and common key technology research and development projects; Support the implementation of green lighting demonstration projects such as LED campus, LED community, LED industrial park and LED transportation in the region. In principle, each project will be given no more than 500 thousand yuan (Hereinafter referred to as yuan)Discount or financial subsidy. The policies of LED manufacturing and purchasing enterprises have given subsidies, which will play an important role in reducing product prices. An industrial workshop with 24-hour uninterrupted lighting can cover the cost of purchasing LED lighting in 3 years. Yu Wei, director and engineer of Tianjin electric energy saving technology center, said. According to jiuzheng building materials network, thanks to a number of government support, the LED lighting product market will continue to maintain rapid growth this year. Take LED street lamp products as an example. This year, the output value of LED street lamps in China will increase by more than 4. 7 billion year on year, reaching yuan. [Img] /Uploads/allimg/140625/22-140625105540911. Jpg [/Img] The continuous expansion of the market scale of LED products is making the price of LED products drop by per year. Yu Ning told me that an LED lamp three years ago cost more than 400 yuan, and now the price has been more than off. According to relevant statistics, affected by the improvement of upstream chip technology and the rapid decline in prices, the cost performance of downstream LED lighting products is rapidly improving, and the LED industry is moving towards a reasonable and stable direction. Last year, the output of LED Indoor lighting products in China increased by year on year, and the price of products decreased by year on year; The output value reached 18. 6 billion yuan, up year on year. Data show that thanks to government support and price decline, China's LED Indoor lighting output value will reach 30. 6 billion yuan this year, up year on year; It will reach 99. 3 billion yuan in 2015, and the compound growth rate of indoor lighting output value will exceed 50 to 52. In the next 4 years. With the continuous decline of prices, the competition in the LED industry is increasingly fierce. In front of products with the same price, enterprises began to seek more energy-saving and durable lighting products. There were fewer and fewer brands of low-cost LED products in the lighting market. An industry insider said that a few years ago, small and medium-sized enterprises selling LED lighting products became more and more untenable. Because small and medium-sized enterprises do not have packaging capability, their products are saved up, and the quality cannot be guaranteed, let alone after-sales service. Nowadays, LED lighting enterprises are also catering to the industrial trend and making greater efforts in the fields of product quality improvement and service. In addition to the traditional after-sales service, we can also provide customers with more targeted overall solutions. For some expensive LED products, we can also provide rental services for products. Huang Lude said.
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