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LED manufacturers prepare for the 2014 LED Lighting Market

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-01
In November 2013, the total revenue of LED manufacturers listed in Taiwan fell slightly by 1. 49 to 108. RMB 0. 4 billion. Among them, Taiwan's LED chip manufacturers have a revenue of NT $39. 0. 5 billion yuan (-4. 9MoM); Taiwan's LED packaging manufacturers also reached NT $67. At 0. 3 billion yuan, MoM grew slightly by 1. 76. The LED backlight part benefits from 4K2K high resolution TV backlight and OD15 direct TV backlight demand warming. Under the same TV panel size, 4K2K TV can probably increase by 1. 2 ~ 1. 5 times the amount of LED backlight usage, the number of backlight LED usage of OD15 slimming version of direct TV is higher than that of General OD25 ~ OD30 direct TV increased by 25 ~ Around 30, with the gradual recovery of the healthy water level from the channel inventory and the advance of the Lunar New Year at the end of January next year, LED manufacturers have already felt the stock order and the tide of pulling goods in advance. and reflected in November revenue, such as Jingdian, Yiguang, Lunda and rongchuang. However, LEDinside also observed another phenomenon, as the penetration rate of direct LED backlight TV will increase to 60 next year, of which OD15 ~ 20 slimming version of direct TV accounts for about 20, and the remaining 80 are OD25 ~ The OD30 model is mainly based on the 32-inch straight down TV in 2014. The OD15 backlight uses 21 ~ 24 LEDs, OD25 ~ 30 backlight is only 15 ~ 18, 2014 TV backlight LED use about 118. 0. 3 billion, the annual decline of 19. 2. Lighting applications are in hot demand in the LED Terminal lighting market, especially LED bulbs, lamps and MR16 continue to drive the development of the LED industry, including Seoul Semiconductor (SeoulViosys) In addition to the expansion plan, major LED chip manufacturers such as Taiwan Jingyuan optoelectronics and China Sanan Optoelectronics and Huacan optoelectronics have successively upgraded the MOCVD machine to 4-inch production. with the strong market demand of annual increase in bulb lamp shipments in 2014, the demand for medium-power LED packaging is bound to expand, and the corresponding EMC lead frame manufacturers are also actively expanding their production. philipsLumileds plans to launch mid-power cladding packaging products next year. Oem oem orders from major European and American lighting manufacturers are the main source of lighting revenue for Taiwan's LED manufacturers, but next year they will face the threat of strong orders from Chinese LED manufacturers. On the whole, LED manufacturers are actively developing high value-added products in order to resist the rapid price drop of backlight LED unit price ASP, such as LED with NTSC above 90 and higher color saturation. Developing higher energy efficiency (lm/W)With higher cost performance (lm/$) The LED products are the only direction for Taiwanese LED manufacturers to strive for European and American lighting OEM orders.
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