LED main business and sports business are expected to promote Alto's performance to continue to improve

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-01
March 30 Alto Electronic Publication 2016 annual report reporting period in implementation business income 4. 5. 7 billion yuan, up year on year. 91; Realize the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies by 8628. 240 thousand yuan, up 302 year on year. 88; Achieve basic earnings per share of 0. 23 yuan. Comments: The volume of orders has greatly increased the performance in 2016, and the profitability has greatly improved. The LED video display system has achieved revenue of 2. 6 billion yuan, up 133 year on year. 28, gross profit margin rose sharply 12. 36 percentage points to 59. 63; LED information release and indication system realized revenue of 8967. 250 thousand yuan, up year on year. 93, gross profit margin rose 3. 1 percentage point to 53. 31. These two parts constitute the company's main source of income. The large increase in income is mainly due to the large increase in overseas orders. The increase in gross profit margin is mainly due to the company's strengthening of research and development and the high gross profit margin of new products, in addition, the decline in raw material costs also has some impact. Overall, 2016 of the company has achieved substantial expansion in overseas markets and improved profitability. On 2017, with the first quarter of Qianbaihui signed 2. With a contract of 5. 8 billion yuan and the company's continued expansion of LED's new market and acceleration of its sports business, we expect the performance to continue to improve. The LED application business has developed steadily, and has continuously opened up cash space. The company has accelerated the docking of LED products to the explosive domestic competitive sports market and has set foot in large-scale competitions such as the China team series and the Football Association Super Cup, it is expected to be realized through equipment leasing, equity marketing, event operation and other means. In addition, the company has continued to invest in the Asia-Pacific and European and American markets, and has made new breakthroughs in the expansion of LED application markets in industries such as transportation, retail, conference systems and monitoring systems. Sword refers to the stadium economy, waiting for the market to break out. The company has completed the acquisition of Qianbaihui, a professional lighting engineering construction design company, in combination with its advantages in LED application, information release and indication system, strategic cooperation with China and China, the domestic Stadium technology leader, will focus on developing a large-scale stadium renovation market with benchmarking significance matching the competition. In addition, the company and Songhe capital plan to jointly set up a 0. 6 billion yuan sports culture industry merger and acquisition fund, and set up a sports company. The extension of the sports industry around the venue economy is expected to rise.
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