LED lights use will gradually into the various application fields

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
At present, the lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of the whole power consumption, reduce lighting electricity is an important way to save energy. LED street lamp is its solid with the superiority of attracts the attention of the world. LED street light energy saving, good directivity, low work voltage, no ultraviolet radiation, and other significant characteristics of light weight, it is potential for development of a new generation of light source. And the LED street lamp light source can be realized without mercury production, also has an important significance to environmental protection. With semiconductor LED street lamp as light source, solid-state lighting, will gradually replace the traditional lights and into a variety of applications. Traditional street lamps light distribution curve is determined by the reflector, and therefore has a certain limitation, road lights and LED light source is a kind of distributed source, through the design of the electric light source, the LED street lamp light source of lamps and lanterns is the ideal bat wing shape, through reasonable control the distribution of the light, make the road flare rectangular, in the effective range, higher intensity of illumination evenness. LED street light also has a more perfect automatic control, can be set according to the needs of different periods of different brightness, more can improve the effect of energy saving. Such as 7 PM when light is 100 w, in the middle of the night 12 o 'clock people, automatically adjust the brightness of 50 w, which also can save electricity 50 w. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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