Led lights to we are still a lot of benefits

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
More and more quickly, the development of the time will slowly out some not suitable for the social product, and high pressure sodium lamp is one of them. Led street light energy conservation and environmental protection, long service life, safe and reliable, certainly will will be instead of high pressure sodium lamp. Believe in the future days, will also have other products to replace the led street lamps, but at the moment the led street lamp to we are still a lot of benefits. Actually led street lamp is developing rapidly, one of the main reason is that the cost problem. Before we used in high pressure sodium lamp power consumption is very high, road led street lamp power consumption is almost doubled, life also is only half the lighting led street lamp. Now popular led street light, the main reason is to reduce the cost of the city. Except for cost reasons, there are other reasons to make led lights to replace the high-pressure sodium lamp. According to statistics, 60 wled street lamp can be 250 w high pressure sodium lamp illumination, and the use of power led street light itself is relatively small, is a good thing for us. Now use the led lights are safe low voltage products, does not contain harmful rays, and in the process of installation and use can greatly reduce the security hidden danger. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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