Led lights to ensure the stability of the brightness will choose a good three parts

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
If you want to guarantee the stability of the led street lamp brightness to must choose good three parts, respectively is light bead chip, drive power source and heat sink, as long as these three chosen will not have to worry about the led street lamp brightness would not be stable, lighting effect is poor. Led lamp bead chip is directly reflect the led components of road lights brightness effect is good or bad. If the led lamp bead chip quality is bad, not only causes brightness effect is bad, will also affect the stability of the led street lamp brightness. So, try not to use small workshops branded led lamp bead, because the brand manufacturers focus on reputation, pay attention to service, production technology is relatively mature, so small workshops must be due to a less known and inferior brand in terms of quality and quality in the production of led lamp bead chip. Outdoor led street lamp power supply power size with the led light source power, reasonable collocation, if they are unreasonable power is tie-in, natural lights will appear unstable phenomenon. And we also want to guarantee the quality of the led street lamp power supply, try to choose the power of the brand manufacturers. Led street lamp radiator are important factors which influence the stability of its brightness. This also should choose brand makers production radiator, we have to admit that their radiator cooling efficiency is higher, the same time radiate more heat, so the stability of the led street lamp brightness is higher. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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