LED lights to choose in the cause of city road lighting industry dynamic | | lighting: the rural solar LED street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
Choose the LED street lamp of city road lighting and reconstruction is because of two reasons, one is the failure rate low maintenance is convenient; Second, the low power high photosynthetic efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. So, choose the LED street lamp is very province electricity save trouble trouble, since should choose the LED street lamp, then suggest the user do not covet is cheap, should choose the LED lights with good quality, even choose the higher price, the service life of the LED street light, use a few years down the cost is also made. LED street lamp is divided into two parts, the LED street lamp head and lamp posts, in general the LED street lamp head between 15 w to 60 w power is the more common types, and the requirements for lighting is not suit to use particularly high places, because of the power setting within the scope of the internal heat sink cooling all quality guaranteed, suggest that we do not use above 60 w transformation type, there is no heat dissipation aluminum is not enough to spread to more than 60 w light source of calories, suggest using integrated design of LED street lamp, modular design is all aluminum light source to the heat release. LED street lamp modelling beautiful, the price is reasonable, the LED street light price according to the quality of the product is larger difference, cannot select the product of price is too high, the price is too cheap product and not to be, because it will give you quality is very very low number of lumens lamp bead, want to combine actual requirements. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can make free calls
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